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genSET is an innovative project aiming to improve the excellence of European science through inclusion of the gender dimension in research and science knowledge making.  It is a forum for sustainable dialogue between European science leaders, science stakeholder institutions, gender experts, and science strategy decision-makers, to help implement effective overall gender strategies.  The genSET project was originally funded by the European Commission under the FP7 Programme, Science in Society, 2009 - 2012. 

The European Gender Summit is a major aspect of genSET’s work. As part of genSET, Portia and the project consortium, held a series of Consensus Seminars involving Science Leaders from across Europe, with little of now gender expertise who were presented with the current evidence and participated in a dialogue with world renowned Gender scholars, jointly produced a report. “Recommendations for Action on the Gender Dimension in Science” a landmark document written by Science Leaders for Science Leaders. 


"The promotion of gender equality is part of the European Commission's strategic approach in the field of research and innovation.  It contributes to the enhancement of European competitiveness and the full realisation of European innovation potential.  In this framework we welcome the success of projects such as genSET, which demonstrate the essential role the EU has to play in contributing to long-term sustainable solutions in addressing gender imbalances in science”

Robert-Jan Smits - Director-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission

 Members of the Science Leaders Panel, Prof. Simone Buitendijk and Prof. Rolf Tarrach, at the signing ceremony of the genSET Reccomendtions for Action on the Gender Dimension in Science






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