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Gender Summit

Gender Summit® events are not a conferences in a traditional sense but a platform for dialogue where scientists, gender scholars and policy makers examine new scientific evidence showing when, why and how biological (sex) and/or socio-cultural (gender) differences between males and females impact on research results and quality of outcomes. The aim is to identify where improvements to science knowledge making are needed and who should take action. Each Gender Summit® is led by a partnership of important science institutions in the country or region hosting the event whose role is to ensure intellectual quality of the programme, and the validity, for science and for national as well as EU policy makers, of the recommendations arising from the discussions.

The platform was created in 2011 on the recommendation of the panel of 14 science leaders who took part in the EU FP7-funded project, genSET. After examining available scientific evidence and consulting renowned gender experts, the Panel concluded that very often gender equality and research quality conditions are intertwined in a way that can differentiate outcomes for women and men. Today, in addition to the Gender Summit® - Europe, there are platforms for Africa, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America & the Caribbean, as well as the Arab World. The 23 Gender Summit® events conducted so far have created a 7000-strong and growing global community of experts and practitioners, across a range of gender issues, from improving diversity and gender balance in participation and leadership to posing new research questions or innovation ideas with sex/gender differences as central variables.

Details for all Gender Summit® events, past, present and future can be found at www.gender-summit.com

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